Are you visible?

When a potential client or customer of yours; someone who is ready to buy or make an enquiry, runs a search on Google and Bing for keywords relating to your business, where do you rank?

Are you visible? Are you outranking your competitors? If not, ask yourself “why not?”

Despite what many might say; SEO is most certainly NOT about ‘gaming the system’, rather establishing a brand as the rightful holders of top positions on the SERPs.

Think building authority, demonstrating expertise and justifying a spot above their competitors.

SEO is a customer-centric approach to digital marketing, yet one which is continually evolving, with Google alone making more than 200 changes to their algorithm each year.

At Digitaloft, we keep on top of the latest best-practice approaches, combining technical SEO excellence with our tried and tested content-led link building approach.

To put it simply, you’re in good hands!

What Sets Us Apart From Other Agencies?

Unlike many agencies, we focus solely upon three core, complementary, areas of digital; SEO, PPC and content marketing.

This means we’re not distracted by other sideline projects, allowing us to put 100% of our efforts into what we do best.

We’re dedicated to continually evolving our content ideation, production and promotion strategies, investing heavily in training, both through conferences and by bringing some of the UK’s leading industry individuals to The Lake District for workshops.

Aside from running successful campaigns for our clients, we’re one of the only agencies in the region regularly contributing to leading industry publications including Search Engine Journal and SEM Rush, sharing our knowledge and expertise with the wider industry.

What's Our Approach To SEO?

We’ve developed a tried and tested approach which drives high-growth results, placing our clients in front of their ideal customers.

Technical SEO Excellence...

A successful SEO campaign starts with strong foundations and we’re obsessed with our attention to detail when it comes to perfecting on-page and technical elements.

From site structure and PageSpeed through to optimised title tags, schema markup, internal linking structures and more; we know the impact which getting these things right has upon an organic search presence.

All campaigns start with a full technical and on-page audit, supplied to you as a fully actionable, written report, which between us and your developers we can work through to implement the findings and resolve any issues (or, as we like to say, explore the opportunities).

We’re not talking documents which span hundreds of pages which won’t ever be read; we deliver prioritised, actionable to-do lists which will make a real difference.


Content-Led Link Building...

Links remain one of the key ranking factors, yet building editorially-earned links is one of the hardest things to get right in SEO. Luckily, we’ve cracked it!

By taking a content-led approach to link building, we use our tried and tested framework to tell stories to the press. We think like PRs but execute like SEOs. It all starts with great ideas, however.

Working across formats including interactive tools, infographics, surveys, data-led research and more; we produce and pitch the content which journalists want to cover.

This has landed links for our clients from publications including:

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